Venture Winterguard consists of youth ages 6 - 13 years old. No experience necessary!  Classes run every Thursday from 6PM-8PM. September to Early March. There are usually 3 to 4 competitions, with 2 weekends of travel. Come to dance, spin, travel, make friends, and of course have fun!


The Ambassadors consist of youth ages 13 - 21. Experience in dance or guard is definitely an asset but not required. Classes run every Tuesday and Thursday from September-March with 1 or 2 weekend camps and some weekend day camps. Competition season begins mid February and wraps up mid March.


Vintage consists of members ages 22 and up! No colorguard experience is required but is definitely an asset. Classes run once a week October to mid March. Competition season begins mid February and wraps up mid March.

What  IS colorguard / winterguard?

Colorguard / Winterguard is known as the 'Sport of the Arts', and evolved from military activity. Now the activity has progressed into a 'no holds barred' competition, by exploring all levels and types of dance choreography, elaborate staging, and different uses of equipment including, but not limited to flags, rifles, sabres, and all kinds of other miscellaneous props.