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  • What is Colorguard/Winterguard?
    Winterguard is a captivating indoor performance art form that combines dance, choreography, and prop manipulation. Teams synchronize movements, utilizing flags, rifles, sabers, and more to create visually stunning shows. Modern winterguard incorporates diverse styles and storytelling, drawing from music, literature, and visual arts. It has evolved into a competitive art form, with athletes showcasing creativity, skill, and showmanship in circuits like WGI. Winterguard fosters teamwork, discipline, and personal growth, providing a platform for artistic expression and emotional connection with audiences. It continues to push boundaries, captivating worldwide with its innovative performances.
  • What is the commitment?
    Our winterguard program features three groups, each designed for different age and experience levels. All groups participate in five weekend competitions during February and March, fostering camaraderie and artistic expression. Venture (Elementary School): Rehearsals: Thursdays, 6:15 pm - 8:15 pm Additional Commitment: One Sunday rehearsal per month Location: Sherwood Park Ambassadors (Junior High & High School): Rehearsals: Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm Additional Commitment: Three out-of-town camps (November, January, February) Locations: Alternating between Sherwood Park and Millwoods This season during spring break, the Ambassadors will also be travelling to the USA to participate in an international winterguard competition. Origins (Competitive 18+ Young Adults): Rehearsals: Tuesdays, 7:15 pm - 10:00 pm Additional Commitment: Every other Sunday (10:30 am - 1:30 pm), two out-of-town camps (October, February), and one in-town camp (January) Locations: Alternating between Greishbach and Sherwood Park Vintage (Non-Competitive 18+ Seasoned Performers): Currently on Hiatus - Check back next season! All Groups Events/Competitions: Competitions will take place in February and March
  • How much are the fees and what are the additional expenses?
    Inclusions: Each group's fees cover all programming expenses, including rehearsal space, instruction, and equipment rentals. They also encompass camp fees, costume expenses, and travel costs for the Red Deer and Calgary competitions. This comprehensive package includes meals, transportation, and accommodations, ensuring members have a complete, fun, and enriching experience. Program Fees: Venture:$1000 Ambassadors: $2000 (Includes all transportation costs for the international winterguard trip to the USA. Location is TBD) Origins: $900 Additional Costs: Performance footwear, Performance Makeup, Hair/Body Accessories, Undergarments Part of the team uniform for performances is a CGCYEG member jacket. Members have the opportunity to purchase one or one can be borrowed.
  • Is there any additional fundraising?
    Yes. The fees charged for each group do not cover all the expenses incurred by the budget. To maximize programming and bridge the gap, the organization also relies on Bingos and a Casino every two years. The number of bingos to be worked required for each group is as follows: Venture: 2 bingos | Ambassadors: 4 bingos | Origins: 7 bingos By involving participants in work bingos, the organization can generate additional funds to supplement the budget and ensure that all necessary expenses, including those beyond the regular fees, are covered. Bingos typically involve members and/or their families volunteering their time and effort to contribute to the organization's fundraising efforts and support its programming initiatives.
  • Is there additional volunteering?
    As our organization grows, it becomes evident that each member and their families have their own unique talents and abilities to contribute. To recognize and leverage these talents effectively, the registration form now includes a section for volunteer positions. This approach allows members to take on roles that align with their skills and interests, enhancing the overall efficiency and success of the group. The volunteer positions offered are as follows: 1. Camp Chaperone - Ensure safety and bonding at overnight Colorguard camps. Prep and serve meals, support energetic performers. Ambassador parents invited for Ambassador camps; Vintage members can volunteer for Origin camps. (Criminal Record Check Required) 2. Day Chaperone - Join exciting day trips to Calgary and Red Deer. Ensure smooth journeys, coordinate activities, create a positive atmosphere for Colorguard team. (Criminal Record Check Required) 3. Overnight Competition Chaperone - Support performers at thrilling competitions. Assist with hair, makeup, snacks, and uplift spirits during events. Bond with the team over breakfast, hotel room hangouts, and swimming. (Criminal Record Check Required) 4. Prop Building - Craft captivating props for mesmerizing Colorguard shows. Use woodworking, painting, or crafting skills. Elevate performances with creative expertise. 5. Seamstress - Design dazzling uniforms and flags for enchanting Colorguard performances. Create unforgettable shows, empowering performers on the field. 6. Fundraising Chair - Lead raising $12,500 for the CGCYEG groups. Organize initiatives, garner support, establish partnerships. Drive success and growth through strategic planning. 7. Fundraising Support Member - Assist the Fundraising Chair in organizing initiatives. Contribute to success and opportunities for Colorguard performers. 8. Social Director - Help plan and organize social events for the CGCYEG. Bring excitement and camaraderie to gatherings. 9. Venture Floor Transportation - Help transport, unload, and set up the Venture floor to and from rehearsals. Ensure safety and professionalism for performances. 10. Bingo Coordinator - Organize volunteers for bingo fundraising events, supporting Colorguard activities. Ensure smooth and successful bingo events. 11. Venture Floor Transportation - Help transport, unload, and set up the Venture floor to and from rehearsals. Ensure safety and professionalism for performances. 12. Executive Board Member - Run for leadership positions on the Colorguard team's Executive Board. Shape the direction and vision of the organization, supporting performers and fostering a thriving community. Embracing each member and their families unique talents through volunteer positions empowers the organization to operate efficiently and achieve its goals. Join our Colorguard team and make a lasting impact. Get involved in camps, props, fundraising, or leadership roles. Share the magic of unforgettable performances together. Contact us to join our close-knit community today!
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